Osteopathy provides a gentle approach that works to align all layers of structure in the body. This alignment optimizes the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate. Treatment always has a goal of facilitating optimal motion of the body. A visit to an Osteopathic practitioner involve an assessment of the way the body moves, followed by an individual designed treatment based on findings. Treatment will include soft tissue and joint mobilization with an ultimate goal of removing obstacles that interfere with the proper nutrition and drainage of the body’s tissue. Osteopathy aims to treat the cause rather than manage symptoms. Patients are asked to wear clothing that allows free movement of the body.


$95 for initial 45 minute treatment

$70 for subsequent 30 minute treatments

$95 for subsequent 45 minute treatments

***Please note that you are responsible for payment at the time of your services. This service may be covered by extended health benefits or under your health spending account.***

Please note that if you need to cancel an appointment, contact us in advance (24 hours). Not showing up to an appointment or late cancellations could result in a fee.