What Will Happen At My 1st Visit?

An initial assessment will be completed by the health care provider. A diagnosis will be made and treatment will be explained. An anticipated length of treatment will be discussed along with any referrals if necessary.  You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

What Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?

Chiropractors are well know for the treatment of back and neck pain. Chiropractors also treat headaches, including migraines, whiplash, car accident injuries, WSIB injuries, sprains/strains due to sports or overuse, general health and well being, rotator cuff injuries, plantar fasciits and arthritis.

Is Chiropractic Safe?

In general, chiropractic treatment is safe and effective treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions.  Complications are rare. Your chiropractor is well trained to determine if your problem will respond to chiropractic cure.

What About Children and Chiropractic?

Children have spines and nervous systems like adults. Falls, sports injuries, sitting in class, heavy school bags are all physical stresses on your child’s body. These may need assessment by a musculoskeletal expert from time to time. Please visit the the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association website for more information.

What happens if your appointment cannot be direct billed?

We do try our best to provide direct billing, however, some insurance companies have different rules and limitations with respect to this. We accept cash, credit, debit, and cheque as payment options. Payment is due at the time that the service is provided.

Why do I have to fill out more paperwork?

All of our practitioners require proper maintenance of files and must follow legislation required of their regulatory bodies. Health history and consent forms are to be updated on a regular basis in order to meet these requirements. If you have any concerns with respect to this we encourage you to discuss this with your practitioner.

Where Do I Park?

Parking is available behind the building (off of Wellington street) or at the Church of the Epiphany lot on the corner of Wellington and Peel (entrance off of Peel Street). This is two hour free parking available by the City of Woodstock.